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Emergency Pet Cardiology

If your dog or cat is experiencing possible heart issues, you and your furry companion deserve nothing less than the best critical, diagnostic and monitoring care from a South Florida emergency pet hosptial you can trust. Under the compassionate and experienced direction of Dr. Luiz Bolfer, DVM, Ph.D., Dip.BCVECC, the Animal Emergency Urgent Care Center (AEUCC) offers a complete range of emergency pet cardiology care to animals and their human companions in Deerfield Beach, Boca Raton, Coral Springs, Margate, Parkland, Fort Lauderdale Pompano and the surrounding areas.

Just as is the case for humans, heart disease can strongly impact the quality of life of your pet. At AEUCC, we specialize in the treatment of cardiac disease in dogs and cats. Our mission is to provide you with the most comprehensive assessment and diagnosis of your pet’s heart condition so that you, your veterinarian and our team can determine the best course of treatment.

Throughout your pet’s stay at AEUCC, they will receive care from an experienced and compassionate team of veterinary nurses, critical care specialists and board-certified cardiologists. At every step along the way, we will communicate with you and your veterinarian to ensure that you understand the diagnosis and treatment options, enabling you to make the best decision for you, your family and your pet.

Physical Examination and Consultation

Upon arrival at our South Florida veterinary cardiology center, we will speak with you to discuss your pet’s medical history, current symptoms and any other details relevant to providing care. We will then give your pet a thorough cardiac examination that will include looking at the color of its mouth or eye membranes and the large veins on the neck. Additionally, we will listen to the palpable heartbeat and arterial pulse as well as the heart and lungs.

Once this process has been completed, usually in one to two hours, we will speak with you about our findings and discuss any other additional diagnostic measures that may give us a clearer picture of your pet’s cardiac status. We welcome any and all questions at every stage of your dog’s or cat’s stay with us and will provide you with a comprehensive written report of our findings and recommendations. In addition, we are happy to communicate and collaborate with your regular veterinarian in order to furnish continuity of care.

Blood Pressure Recording

Especially when animals experience medical conditions such as diseases of the heart, kidneys, thyroid or adrenal glands, high blood pressure is routinely measured. As is the case with humans, this is done with an inflatable cuff placed around a limb and attached to a monitoring device. If pressure levels are high, animals can be prescribed medications similar to what humans with the same condition receive.

Resting Electrocardiography

This measure is a graphical recording of the heart rhythm and provides a reliable way to identify atypical or abnormally conducted beats. This type of test is the only way to rapidly identify these problems, including an unusually slow, rapid or irregular heartbeat.

Ambulatory Electrocardiography

There are situations when it is necessary to measure an animal’s heart functioning and rhythms over time, especially in cases when symptoms are intermittent, hard to predict or difficult to assess in a single snapshot. This ambulatory measure involves attaching a continuous loop-type recorder to the animal so that the owner can activate the device when symptoms are manifested for later evaluation.

Ultrasound Echocardiography

This noninvasive sonogram allows the cardiologist to view the anatomy and functioning of the heart. The two-dimensional image this device provides allows the doctor to see the heart’s walls, chambers and valves as well as to learn vital measurements. In addition, color Doppler shows blood flow throughout the organ and can detect valve leaks and problems in the flow of blood between the two sides of the heart.

Emergency Pet Cardiology Services Offered

We provide our patients with the following emergency pet cardiology services:

  • Physical examination.
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Veterinary echocardiography.
  • 24-hour Holter monitoring (in-house and mail-out).
  • Event monitoring.
  • Long-term care.

Our team is experienced in treating all types of heart-related diseases and conditions. However, degenerative mitral valve disease (MVD) Is the most common, affecting millions of dogs every year. This valve degeneration occurs in small and medium-sized dogs as they age and can lead to arrhythmias, cardiac enlargement and congestive heart failure. It is usually diagnosed when a heart murmur is detected and confirmed with an electrocardiogram. A chest x-ray will show the degree of heart enlargement.

Treatment of MVD depends on the severity of the disease. It can range from simple monitoring to major open-heart surgery. With MVD as with other potentially life-threatening conditions, it is vital that your pet receives comprehensive care from specialists who understand the symptoms, stages and optimal interventions that can provide your pet with the longest and happiest life possible.

At AEUCC, the heart health of your pet is our top priority. Whether you and your veterinarian wish to consult with us regarding an ongoing condition or you need urgent care, diagnosis, monitoring or other interventions, our highly competent and compassionate team of veterinary nurses, cardiac specialists, doctors and technicians is here for you 24/7 365 days a year. We are located at 103 N. Powerline Rd. Deerfield Beach, FL 33442. To make an appointment, please call the AEUCC at (954)428-9888.