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Parkland Emergency Vet

Parkland is a small suburban city located just 42 miles northwest of the hustle and bustle of Miami, Florida. With a population of under 35,000, this city with the motto “environmentally proud” is known for its park-like character. In fact, there were more horses than there were people in Parkland during its first decade.

Even now over sixty years later, families are attracted to this beautiful piece of South Florida. Just miles away from the countless professional and social opportunities to be found in Miami and other towns, Parkland provides visitors and residents alike with a tranquil place to stroll, work and play. It also is the ideal home for pets of all kinds, including dogs and cats, who can enjoy the parks with their human companions and take advantage of the state-of-the-art health resources available in the area.

Whether you are just visiting Parkland with your dog or cat or are a permanent resident, knowing about the emergency resources that are available to your pet can provide you with peace of mind. The Animal Emergency Urgent Care Center (AEUCC) is a state-of-the-art Parkland Emergency Vet that is fully equipped to meet the critical care needs of your dog, cat or other small animal. Available 24/7 365 days a year, we are your family’s first choice in urgent care for your furry companion whether they have been injured, are experiencing the flare-up of a chronic disease or have suddenly become ill.

The Services We Provide

Our Parkland Emergency Vet services have been carefully designed to meet any immediate need your ill pet may have. We offer the following interventions to promote the treatment, healing and well-being of your animal companion:

  • Lab work. Before a condition can be effectively treated, its nature and extent must be determined. In conjunction with ongoing communication with you about your pet’s medical situation and history, the laboratory provides many of the answers our staff requires to initiate care. We use tests including complete blood count (CBC), blood chemistry, urinalysis and coagulation profiles to learn about whether your pet’s internal systems are functioning properly. Because specimens can be analyzed on-site, our doctors and staff can quickly get the data they need in order to provide effective triage, diagnosis and treatment.
  • Diagnostic imaging. Examining blood and urine samples is not the only way to gain information about internal organs and systems. We also use modern technologies to furnish us with pictorial images that can give additional clarification. These include radiographs (X-ray studies), ultrasonography, echocardiography and Doppler ultrasound. Combined with data from our lab as well as the details you provide, we can come to informed decisions about the best next steps in addressing your pet’s immediate emergency needs as well as providing a roadmap toward long-term pain relief and healing.
  • Cardiology. When your pet is experiencing the symptoms of heart disease or other cardiac problems, immediate care is of the utmost importance. Our qualified and compassionate veterinarians, technicians and cardiac specialists have the equipment and expertise necessary to provide a fast and accurate diagnosis and craft a treatment plan tailored to your pet’s unique needs. After your dog or cat receives a thorough physical examination, our staff speaks with you about the animal’s symptoms and medical history to get a complete idea of the current situation. We then use blood pressure recording, resting electrocardiography, ambulatory electrocardiography and ultrasound electrocardiography to obtain comprehensive data about your pet’s current cardiac functioning as well as any pathologies.
  • Hospitalization. When your pet requires frequent monitoring, intravenous medications or surgical care, they need to become an in-patient. Our modern Parkland Emergency Vet is fully equipped with everything your pet requires to alleviate pain and promote a fast and complete recovery. Our team of veterinarians, veterinary nurses, technicians and outside specialists is uniquely qualified to address even the most complex set of needs day and night. The latest diagnostic technology, monitoring systems and medical resources are available round-the-clock, ensuring that health fluctuations are detected and addressed in a timely fashion. During this most difficult time for you and your dog or cat, our compassionate team is there at every step of the diagnostic, treatment and recovery journey.
  • Surgery. Severe injury or disease sometimes necessitates that your pet has an operation to limit the damage, correct a defect, remove a tumor or otherwise promote healing. Our veterinarians and support personnel are committed to providing a full spectrum of pain management and monitoring before, during and after your pet’s surgery to ensure the best possible outcomes. At every step of the journey, we will remain in communication with you and your primary veterinarian to promote complete transparency and continuity of care.
  • Clinical treatment. When you bring your fur baby to us, you are entrusting part of your family into our hands. We understand how difficult emergency situations like yours can be, and we are committed to providing your pet with a thorough physical examination and exploration of symptoms and medical history as well as any lab tests or imaging procedures that will serve to clarify our treatment path. This is the crux of our clinical approach. At every juncture of your pet’s stay with us, we will communicate with you and your primary veterinarian so that together we can make the best decisions.
  • Trauma. Auto accidents, poisonings, falls and animal attacks are just some of the catastrophic situations your pet can experience that can require a visit to our Parkland Emergency Vet hospital. We are here for you day or night, on weekends and holidays whenever such a crisis befalls your furry family member. Modern diagnostic laboratory and imaging technologies enable us to quickly assess the nature and extent of the animal’s illness or injury so that we can begin relieving their pain and treating the underlying cause quickly and effectively.
  • Intensive care unit. For the sickest animals and for those recovering from surgery, our ICU is fully staffed and equipped to meet even the most complex medical needs. To that end, we provide all types of monitoring, blood gas analysis, pulse oximetry, blood transfusions, oxygen supplementation mechanical ventilation, nutritional support, wound care and much more. In addition to one-on-one attention to your pet, we stay in regular communication with you to discuss your pet’s current health situation and any treatment recommendations to promote recovery and healing.

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The people of Parkland and the surrounding cities can count on AEUCC to be there when their pets need help the most. We are located at 103 N. Powerline Rd. Deerfield Beach, Fl 33442 – and we welcome your call at (954)428-9888 day or night. At AEUCC, your pet’s well-being is our highest priority.